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L.O.V.E. – Lace, Orange, Vests, Etc.

These styles are sure to make you shine like the Arizona sun!

You will L.O.V.E. these new picks…and we want to hear what your picks are too! Share them with us…

L- Lace
O – Orange
V- Vest
E – Etc

Dress for more than the occasion…
…Faith and Fashion.

lace dress snipped

Lace is perfect for this time of the year and there are so many options. You can mix it into casual attire and also great to add an elegance to something more formal. Sorry guys lace is just for the ladies.


Orange blazer snipped Orange Accs snipped











Orange is such a great, warm color that adds a pop of interest to any outfit. Either make it the center of your outfit or just spice it up with a vibrant orange accessory. Great for men and women this time of the year.


denim vestVestMen

















Vests are great year round, but we love them in warm climates especially! It’s a great way to dress an outfit up rather than a jacket/blazer or fun to mix and match in all sorts of outfits. Whether you wear one with a button up, T-shirt, or tank top, vests are an underutilized outfit option. Denim vest are also especially amazing right now. Another fashion that is great for both guys and gals.



sunglasses2 snipped orange bow tie snipped














Etc. is for all the great extras you can add to an outfit to really make it interesting. Make an outfit yours by adding your own flare! Hats, sunglasses, neckwear, and etc. are great ways to add your own edge. And remember be bold. Something may start out looking wild or extravagant when you’re the first one wearing it, but that is what trendsetters do.
Also FYI, as you know we love Latin and Old World languages, so for those who did not know etc. is actually from the Latin word et cetera, which means: and other; and so forth; and so on.


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